Our Curriculum

Learning through play is the basis of our learning curriculum. We have embraced the Early Years Learning Framework in everything we do. We believe children learn best when they are simply playing. Our Educators will implicitly teach literacy, numeracy, science and social skills through play. Our curriculum is fun, spontaneous, flexible and adaptive to your child’s needs. We use your child as the basis of the curriculum and allow each child to learn through exploration, discovery and engaging in their environment.

At Gumnut Kidz Kindergarten and Preschool your child will enjoy experiences that will stimulate and develop their physical, social, cognitive and emotional needs in a fun dynamic way. We also cover music and movement, art and craft and dramatic play. Our focus is to ensure the whole child is encouraged and embraced.

We do compliment free play with intentional teaching which furthers your child’s exploration, discovery, experimentation, inquiry and challenges their problem solving skills, helping them grasp a better understanding of their physical and social world.

We believe Parents are a valuable source of knowledge and information, so we will aim to collaborate with you to ensure your child’s learning is the very best!